Flood Re Home Insurance

Under a scheme called Flood Re, annual home insurance premiums will be capped and payouts for flood damage will come from a central pool of money.

How do I know if my home is affected?

The scheme covers 350,000 households which the environment agency says are at high risk of flooding. You can use the agency’s website to see if your home is one of them.

What does this mean for homeowners on flood plains?

Unless your property is in council tax band H then the flood aspect of your buildings insurance will be capped. The cap is only on the flood element of your insurance – if other risk factors change, your premiums could be pushed up by them.

What happens to band H council tax payers?

They are not covered by the scheme so could see their premium rise above the cap.

Is anyone else excluded?

Yes. Homes built since 2009 are not covered. Neither are those owned by buy to let landlords or holiday lets. Leasehold properties are also excluded.

Will I have to stay with the same insurer?

No. Flood Re is designed to make it less risky for insurers to take on these customers so should mean people can move around.

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Written By Rob Marshall