Comparing home protection products

Comparing home protection products can be difficult. Why? There are so many of them: boiler cover, central heating, home emergency, plumbing and drainage. So where to start and to finish your search for the perfect product?

Making it easy

Here at HEC, we look to make your journey for the right product as simple as possible. We list the market leading providers and give you a simple breakdown of what the products include, the prices and any great features. With a few clicks you can browse the product pages and see which product offers the right protection for your home.

Landlord emergency cover

It might be that you’re a landlord and keep finding private home emergency products that are unsuitable for your needs. Well, we have a dedicated section of our site for landlord emergency cover. These products are devised with the landlord in mind and cover your mandatory CP12 gas checks.

Buy in time for winter

It goes without saying that most home emergencies happen during the cold bitter winter months. By protecting your home now, could save you hundreds in the long run. If you suddently need a tradesman you’ll be paying the extra cost needed for the last minute inconvenience…plus that’s only for one job. What if you need to pay again. Peace of mind doesn’t need to be expensive.

Written By matt